Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Online Loth

     The Divine Office app has been doing really great lately. There were issues at first, but it seems fine now. Due to my lack of coverage from Sprint, iBreivary was not working at all, but this morning I was able to download an entire week. I wonder why I persist in using these apps during Ordinary Time, when the Office is very simple to pray? I like to keep up with the apps, because anything that helps an ignorant person like me to pray the Liturgy of the Hours is a blessing from God. The Divine Office app is not a free app, but worth the cost. iBreviary is free, and it was my first app for this purpose. The four volume set of the LOTH is very expensive. I have a copy, but not everyone is blessed with the money to purchase the set. I am not a member of the clergy, who are required to pray the Breviary. I am a lay person seeking to pray the prayer of the church. When a person reaches a certain age, he needs to put away foolishness and study for finals.

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Bless you.

Blessing to you.

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