Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ramdom Thoughts on Sunday

On Sunday we usually go to church, but Liz is sick, a sore throat and chest congestion. I am watching a movie and she is grading papers. The cats, Nate and Callie are in her lap. I can hear the pups out in their kennel. They went over to the neighbor's. We bought fencing materials this weekend. I have to put up a fence to keep them away from the dirt road that is near our home. Their mother was hit by a car just barely after she weaned them. It is amazing how attached I was to her, I still miss that dog. Her name was "Dog". She left us with eight puppies, we have been able to give away three of them. We have become reconciled to the fact that we now have five pups to care for. The are good dogs, full of love and energy. Their names are Red, Daisy, Jackie, Suzie Q, and Homer. Someone abandoned "Dog" on our doorstep. Nate was a almost feral cat living near our apartment in Arkansas, before we moved here to paradise in Texas. I found Callie down by the road near our mailbox last Wednesday. She is barely weaned, a very small kitten with plenty of attitude.

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