Monday, March 23, 2009

Virginia is for Tow Trucks

There is an organized scam in Virginia. Tow truck drivers, the police, and apartment managers are all involved. In Virginia, on the Coast in Newport News, Virginia Beach, and other places, if you park in an apartment complex, if you are visiting a friend, and park in guest parking, your car will be towed. I would suggest that if you do have to park in one of these places in Virginia, that you not leave your car unattended or one of these legal thieves will steal your car. This is an organized scam and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Even if a practice is legal, that does not make it ethical or moral. One thing I can do is to boycott any town that allows this practice. I can buy nothing from these towns, nor will I recommend that anyone visit them. So I suggest that if you are thinking about going to Virginia on vacation, pass. Go somewhere else. There are plenty of honest places to enjoy. Do not visit or stay in such a place like Virginia that supports oppressors.

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