Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15, 2010

I plan to start reading the Introduction to the Devout Life with others at this site,, there is a study guide to download. I look forward to the reading and studying. I read the first chapter earlier this week and I have major room for improvement. I try very hard to be holy and pious, then I look back and reflect and realize that I have been headblind. Hopefully this reading will help that flaw.
The Catawba trees are blooming here. When I was young my grandfather Fate would pick the caterpillars from the Catawba trees to use as fish bait. He would put them in fruit jars with leaves and keep them in the icebox. The worms in the cool would go dormant. I remember many times opening the icebox for a glass of tea, and seeing a jar full of worms. The trees in my yard do not have the "Catawba worms". A neighbor a few miles from here, was selling Catawba worms for bait. I was tempted to buy some to put on my trees, but decided not to, that would be messing with the natural way of things, and I wouldn't want to start a mini-ecological disaster. I am not certain, but I think the Catawba trees are named for an Indian tribe that was wiped out by the diseases the Europeans brought to America. The good Lord willing, I hope to take a few photos of the blossoms and post them.

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