Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A review of "Bleeder"

I recently read "Bleeder", a mystery novel by John Desjarlais. It is Catholic fiction. It was published by Imagio, which is a fiction division of Sophia Institute Press. In the past I have always been well pleased with any of the books I have purchased from Sophia Institute Press. "Bleeder" was not an exception to this rule. The author is John Desjarlais. This is his third book. The first two were "Relics" and "The Throne of Tara". "Bleeder" is a murder mystery with a mostly Catholic setting. Most of the characters were Catholic, except the main character, Reed Stubblefield. Reed is recovering from a shooting at a college, where he is a professor, and uses MAO inhibitors for depression, which cause him to have a restricted diet. He moves to his brother's cabin in the woods near a small town to write a book while he is recovering from the shooting, and the death of his wife by cancer. The local town has a priest with a reputation for being a healer and a stigmatist. The priest is murdered and Reed is the prime suspect, the story is his investigation of the murder to try to clear his name. "Bleeder" is a good book. I do not write reviews with spoilers. I am glad I read it. I will watch for his future works. Aristotle is quoted many times, and I am now interested in reading Aristotle's works. Sophia Institute Press sent me a complimentary copy of this book for me to review.

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