Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life Cycles

Rabbi Jeff Goldwasser in his new blog "Rebjeff: A blog about Jewish Joy",, mentions that a congregation needs life cycle events for healthy growth. Not an exact quote. I think that Christians need to pay attention to this. I don't think that the protestant domination's quite grasp this concept. I do believe that Catholics in countries other than the United States understand it. I think that Catholics in the United States are complacent. No one is being martyred. Being a Catholic requires no hardship, it's kinda like a big social club. Shake hands during the sign of peace, but don't speak to each other outside of the church. Being a Roman Catholic is not being a member of a secret society. It never has been, it is a call for conversion, a turning away from sin, and to strive for holiness. It is time to draw a line in the sand, and to step forward, form communities, evangelize the places in your life, your workplace, your recreations, your shopping. Now, today, is the time to become active, to develop a Catholic culture that is worthy of admiration. Make being a Catholic the very fiber of your being. Start now, this instant.

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