Sunday, March 9, 2008

Celebration at Church

Today at church we celebrated the pastor's tenth year serving at the church. There was a shared meal after services. Those ladies are all excellent cooks. I love to eat. (I once thought "buffet" was the french word for food.)
A sad but happy note: Saturday as a week ago, there was a Christian youth rally at the local high school. At that rally young adults made decisions for Christ. Last Friday started with cold rain mixed with snow, as I was driving to work I met a volunteer firetruck headed to a fire. Today I found out that one of the young adults that decided to live for Christ, had been called home to be with the Lord. The firetruck I saw, was headed to that home.
If you are thinking about living with Christ in your life, today, right now, is the time to start. We have no idea when the good Lord is going to call us home. Please make a decision now, do not wait until later, you may not have a later.
Two bible study links: the first is for e-Sword, it is a free download, and there are free modules to download to enhance it. It is a pretty awesome program.
The second is an bible study tool, I think it is really good also, it is an online only source, it has twenty five different versions of the bible available and is pretty handy.

Enough for now.
May God bless you all.

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