Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reading Science Fiction

I have been reading a trilogy by S.M. Stirling, "Dies the Fire", "The Protector's War", and "Meeting at Corvallis". They are books about alternate history. I have read "Dies the Fire" and "The Protector's War", and I am on page 139 of "Meeting at Corvallis". The first book, so far is the best. The action seems to bog down in the second book. I usually don't start reading a series, because sometimes, I am compelled to read the whole series. One thing to note about the books is that they explain in way too much detail, Wicca and it's pantheon of Gods. They are almost like a prayerbook to strange deities that I don't care to read about. I certainly don't care to read the prayers to them. I don't believe that Wicca is the Old Religion, I think it is a bunch of made up and fabricated lies, by New Agers, designed to lure people away from the True Religion, Christianity. I do not recommend the books.

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