Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visit to Miami

I went to Miami last weekend to watch my wife's daughter graduate from U of Miami. We stayed in a condo in a building called Blue. The view was great. I could have sit there for a week looking out the windows.
The graduation was nice the guest speaker was Angela Lansbury. They hooded her and made her a Doctor of something.
After the graduation we went to a Cuban Restaurant Coral Gables called Sergios, it was great. The food was good, it was inexpensive and the portions were large. I love to eat and they brought more food than I can eat, which is rare.
The next day we went to Coconut Grove and ate lunch at a Restaurant called Tu Tu Tango, the food was good. That part of town has artists and studios displaying great art. There is a Episcopal Church there that has a small gallery in the back of the grounds which has really great religious icons.
In Miami, there is a section of town called the Design District and on the second Saturday of the month, they have the galleries open late at night. There are bands on the streets playing music. The art is awesome, had I an unlimited budget, I would have bought a truckload of it, it was that good. I would reccomend it to anyone, you don't have to like art to enjoy the experience.
Later that night we went to Tobacco Junction in downtown Miami it is on one of the 7th streets. The food there is excellent, I had chicken wings, they were huge, and the sause was great, lots of flavor, but without the heat of too many spices to ruin the taste. There was a live band. It played Raggae music. I am an ignorant redneck hick, but that music was good. I don't remember but I think the name of the band was Jaffe.
Sunday morning we went and walked on the beach at South Beach, I did like walking on the beach looking for rocks and seashells.
I may never go back to Miami, but I did enjoy the visit.

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