Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sheath for Fiskars Brush Axe

My project for a while is to make a sheath for my Fiskars Brush Axe. As you know a knife has a sheath and a sword has a scabbard. Fiskars also makes the brush axe for Gerber. Gerber's product has an all black handle. I prefer the Fiskars, because the handle is black with an orange tip. It is handier for me to find when I am using it for clearing or cleaning around the house. One of the reasons I want to make a sheath is that the one that comes with the fiskars has a suitcase like handle. It is also a good project to keep me busy. One of my goals is to make the sheath using materials that are free or are very nearly free.
I was able to get this shipping crate from work, I plan to use it for the material to make my sheath.

Here is the crate partially disassembled, I had to quit because of the extreme heat today in Northeast Texas. Redneck rule of life: If it is too hot to work, it too hot to play. Be very careful during the high heat of summer. Time your exposure to the heat, drink plenty of water, and take frequent breaks. It is very easy for the heat to slip up on you and cause a heat stroke. Oh, and when using any kind of tool always wear safety glasses. The good Lord only gave you two eyes, protect them.

Here are the nails I was able to salvage from the crate. They will go into a can for use later around the house. Yes, I know I can buy them very cheaply, but being frugal and reusing items is part of this project. Like most poor people, raised in the rural south, for quite a while I thought that all nails were bent, and they came rusty in a Folgers coffee can.
I shouldn't have to say this but: Always clean up after you are through. It is an essential part of any work you do.
Another Redneck Rule of Life: Happy wife, happy life. Clean up your messes. Your wife is your partner not your maid. (I didn't come up with the Happy wife rule, I saw in on a Gaither DVD, it was either the one made in Canada or the Toronto DVD.)
My wife is a blessing from God. I hope for her to never think that I don't appreciate or love her. I tell her on a daily basis. We are both Christians, and we pray together.
Ok, enough for now, I will post later as the project progesses. Sorry for the quality of this post, I am new at blogging.
Have a great day. May the good Lord richly bless you.

P.S. (Read the scriptures, start right now, read for at least 15 minutes, you will be so glad you did. A note on translations: Read the translation that makes you grow closer to God.) mac

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