Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lectio Divina

Here is a simple instruction of Lectio Divina:

The first step is: Lectio - Read a short passage of scripture two or three times out loud.

The second step is: Meditatio - Meditate or ponder on what you read. Meditation is like a cow chewing the cud. She will chew, swallow, and bring it back up later to chew on it some more.

The third step is: Oratio - Praying the scripture back to the Lord. The Bible is filled with God's promises to us. When we pray what He said, He will do it. It is His Word!

The fourth step is: Contemplatio - This is contemplating (not meditation). When you sit on a hillside and look at the reflection of a sunset on a lake you are contemplating. You are just enjoying it. Take time to contemplate on the experience you are having through what you read and learned.

I don't know if this is right or correct; I plan to read more on the subject and attempt to learn the correct and right process.

I do believe Lectio Divina is an essential tool for spiritual growth.

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