Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lazy Winter Day

The temperature is about 30 deg f, there was a little sleet on our cars as I looked out this morning, I am so glad we have been spared the ice and snow that have shut down Oklahoma City and Little Rock.
I have spent most of the morning suscribing on iTunes to spiritual classics by Librivox. I have no idea when I will have the time to listen to them. Hmmm, maybe instead of reading secular things for diversion at work, during my lunch, thank you, I should listen to the words of Chesterton or Belloc?
One of the blogs of note was about a young woman, Amy, age sixteen, who is sailing by herself around the world, she is from California. This amazes me to no end. When I was sixteen, I was working part time, going to highschool, and ready to leave home for the world. What also amazed me is that there is another young woman, Jessica, from Australia, who is also sailing around the world alone. So now, I have two people to add to my prayer list. I pray the good Lord watches over them.

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