Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shotgun House

I wonder if anyone knows or has lived in a shotgun house. When I was young, my father, my brother, and I lived in a shotgun house. It is called that because the rooms in the house are in a straight line and if you were at one end of the house and shot a shotgun, the pellets would go through all the rooms of the house and hit the other end of the house. This house had a kitchen at one end, the bedroom was in the middle room, and I can't remember what was in the third room. The bedroom had two full size beds that were about 2-1/2 or 3 feet apart. I do not remember anything else in the room. It was in the rural south and people visited and spent the night. The house had no television or porch.
The house was about 50 feet from an Assembly of God church, back then we called it the holiness church. I remember we used to sit outside and watch the church services. Unlike our church, the holiness church had music, they had a piano, and someone usually brought a guitar. To this day, one of my favorite hymns is "I'll Fly Away".
The next house in line from ours was an old aluminum trailer house that had a shed over it and a small porch in front of it. I was never inside but I am willing to bet that it was smaller than our house. I remember the night it burnt to the ground. The next house had two rooms. We lived in that house also. Oh, neither house had plumbing, we carried all the water we used, it came from a well in front of the store. I don't remember the toilet for the shotgun house, but I do remember the two-holer for the two room house. It was near a plum thicket. It was not an orchard, it was a thicket. There was a garden in the pasture, it had a fence around it to keep out the livestock. I do not ever remember eating anything from that garden.
I do not know why I had this memory in my mind. In the last two days, I finished the two secular books I was reading, and now is time for me to start reading books that promote spiritual growth, are written by a saint, or are either the bible or the catechism.
Haiti has had a terrible earthquake. Haiti is a terrible country. It would probably be better, if we went there and rebuilt the whole country, from the ground up. The people there are suffering, and with the earthquake they are suffering even more. I will pray for them when I pray. I feel bad that I have not already been praying for them.
For me growing old has not caused an increase in wisdom, it makes me realize that I have been and still am a fool. As a person matures, they should put away foolish and prideful things. I didn't do that, now it seems as if I have jumped off the cliff of maturity and all at once, I have to suck it up, and be an adult and a Christian. It would have been a lot easier if I had, had the sense enough to do this in a gradual process, instead of the spiritual roller coaster I feel I am on now. I thank God that I have been realizing that there are numerous areas that I need to improve. So now with the grace of God, let the work begin.

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