Saturday, January 23, 2010

Various things

I had a nice day. We went into Texarkana and bought a couple of tires for my wifes car. We ate dinner at the Asian Buffet, I like this resturant very much. Then we went to Target for a few baby clothes and a little bit of groceries, cheese and milk. Then on to Home Depot, where I bought a new limb trimmer. It was made by Fiskars. I am very pleased with everything Fiskars makes, I hope to add more of their tools to my small collection as I am able to afford them. One day I hope to retire to full time yardwork, in my own yard. For supper we had saltinas, a bolivian dish, like a pot pie, but in no way like a pot pie, it is a totally bolivian dish. I am learning that I like bolivian food. Also we had handmade tamales from Mt. Pleasant.
Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am thinking of my resolutions for the week. My yearly resolutions rarely last more than a week if that long, so I am trying weekly resolutions. I keep reading about spiritual growth involving a personal rule of life. This is something I need to look into. Some of my weekly resolutions are:
1. Pray the morning offering when I put on my scapular each morning.
2. Pray the rosary at least once a day.
3. Spend time blogging or journaling once each day.
4. Take one photo of something each day and post it somewhere.
5. Read the bible and the catechism each day.
6. Pray the prayer of St. Jude many times each day.
7. Pray constantly, especially if I catch myself thinking unkind thoughts about anyone, I plan to turn those thoughts into prayer about that person.
8. Eat like a grown up, not a human waste disposal.
9. Look into starting the Liturgy of the hours again.
10. Donate my soda pop allowance to something worthwhile.
11. When I wake up in the still of the early morning, pray until I fall back to sleep.
12. Limit my time on the internet, and what time spent there only for positive things. Facebook is a new facination for me, I have rules for that:
A. Have as friends only those who are kinfolk and friends or people who will enhance my spiritual growth, for example, priests, Catholic authors or bloggers.
B. Never add someone as a friend just to meet requirements for the games on facebook.
C. To never mindlessly add people because they request it.

Enough for now.

Please pray for me.

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