Sunday, January 31, 2010

A nice sunny day.

It is a nice sunny day. The temperature is about 40 deg f. I am still happy that the big storm of last week passed to the north. There is plenty of water on the ground, we need a few days of sun to dry everything out, I am beginning to get antsy about starting yardwork. Our worst winter days are yet to come, in February and March. I saw one of our cats, Bijou, looking out the window, meowing quietly. When I looked into the yard there were crows. When I was a child crows would get in your garden and try to eat newly planted seeds. When a pasture was mowed they would show up to eat the insects and lizards. Now days crows have become mini-buzzards, eating carrion from from roadkill. Crows are tribal, they fly in flocks, and the flocks will have scouts in the front, to the sides, and in the rear, in true Rogers Rangers tradition. It is hard for me to take photos of crows, because they are very wary of humans. I would have taken more photos, but a squirrel came down out of a tree and scared them off. This is one of the things I love about living in a rural area, the fact that I get to see wildlife.

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